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Nike T Lite VIII Leather is an excellent sneaker that offers exquisite comfort and support. This sneaker has all the qualities to be in your wardrobe. They are extra cushy and exceedingly attractive. These sneakers are best to use when you have to cover longer distances. They deliver a sturdier walk. No matter you run in these for hours they will never let you down. They have molded leather which is buttery soft and flexible as well. It is durable at the same time so you can wear these for many more years to come. Its exterior is made up of synthetic leather which enhances the look of these shoes and adds a pinch of freshness to the design. This sneaker has been designed very carefully by keeping in mind the demands of all the runners. If you seek to have a spectacular every day sneaker then this is the one to have. Its weight is very light and its interior is made up of very soft material which offers a wave of cushiness to feet. you can even wear these without socks as they will wick away all the moisture keeping your feet dry and toasty the whole time. Its all interior is very supportive and takes care of your fragile feet in a very good manner. It is designed according to the shape of men so it gives a very nice fit to their feet. Their versatility is evident in their exterior and interior. It delivers high traction on all slippery and rough surfaces. Its Weight is 11 ounces and the available colors are as follows: White / Dark Obsidian White, Cool Grey / Volt / Black, Black / Black.


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Terry from Savannah

This is an excellent shoe. Comfortable, attractive, and well made. I have been wearing Rockport World Tours for the last 15 years and have never been disappointed with the product. They hold up extremely well. Best shoe for the money. I was very pleased.

Jim from midwest

Great shoe for someone on their feet a lot. I have been wearing this same model and size for 9 years, and they are the best shoe I have found for what I do. They hold up well and do not show scuffs. on each pair I have worn out the soles, after many many miles, and the upper still looked good. I will likely keep wearing Them for many pairs to come.

Mark from Phoenix, AZ

I like the color and style of this shoe. It's durable and fits right. The only thing I don't like about it is the arch support is too flat and the insole is very thin and not very comfortable. I ended up buying an insole insert to get better arch support and softer cushioning.


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